Pre-Broadcast Ad Review

There is always a lot of budget spent on screenplays, films, or commercials, and a lot of money will be spent on broadcasting those ads. But does this design convey the intended message correctly? Does it have the expected impact on your audience? How much will it be remembered and how much will it encourage its main audience to buy or repeat the purchase? And dozens of other questions that can be answered by using Rahbar Bazaar exclusive products. Before paying the high cost of advertising try AdeLink of Rahbar bazaar.

This type of review uses specialized neuromarketing tools and techniques such as facial coding or eye tracking.

Isn’t it time to make sure that your advertising plans and videos are effective with your audience before spending a lot of money on them? Contact us if you need free consultation.

Check Ad Efficiency

Advertisement and the implementation of advertising campaigns are an integral part of the growth and development of any business, but is it not possible to be more effective with a fixed budget? How could it be less expensive but just as effective? Which media work better with your particular target audience and at the same time  costs less than others, and dozens of other questions that can be answered after running campaigns, and these answers can be used as experience and insight in future programs and campaigns. Check how effective your ads are using Rahbar Bazaar’s AdEcta.

In Rahbar Bazaar based on coordination with the executives of business advertising programs, at the same time and after the implementation of advertising campaigns, a study is conducted on different groups of audiences in such a way that can accurately assess the effectiveness of the campaign in each medium. The least benefit of this activity is the analysis and recording of the results obtained for use in future campaigns.

Undoubtedly, running expensive advertising campaigns is worth understanding the effectiveness, especially at such a low cost compared to the budget spent on the campaign. Contact us if you need free consultation.