Founders of Marketing Research

Founders of Marketing Research

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Every activity that has continued and progressed has started with experts and creative people in that field. There were also pioneers in marketing research. In this article, we are going to introduce…

Classic Market Research

Qualitative Marketing Research

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A set of activities (such as observation, interviews, and extensive participation in research activities) can be called qualitative marketing research, each of which helps the researcher in obtaining…

Quantitative marketing research Iran

Quantitative marketing research

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what is Quantitative marketing research ? In today's world , due to the rapid and increasing growth of technology and on the other hand , the diversity of ethnicity in Iran , cultural and regional…


difference between Market research and Marketing research

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what is the difference between Market research and Marketing research ? Both terms "market research" and "marketing research" are used to describe the research industry . To many people, these two…

Market Research in Iran

Research in Iran

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Many of our daily activities are based on a common sense that we have learned through others or through personal experience or observation. But sometimes this common sense is met with contradictions.…

instant coffee consumption

An Overview of Instant Coffee Consumption

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Many die-hard coffee fans would frown at even the slightest mention of the words "instant coffee." However, with a market worth more than $ 28 billion worldwide, instant coffee has turned into…

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OmnIran – Iranian Omnibus

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Omnibus One of the least expensive and fastest ways to gather marketing research information is to use omnibus. In the marketing research profession, when a number of questions from a variety of…


Measuring Advertisement Effectiveness With AdEcta

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Advertising and the implementation of advertising campaigns are an integral part of the growth and development of customer-centric businesses, but is spending money enough? Couldn't everything have…