Consumer Studies

One of the most common classic market research studies in Rahbar Bazaar is customer/consumer research. On average, more than 300,000 interviews are conducted quantitatively on top of more than hundreds of qualitative research units in the field of different groups of consumer/customer products and brands in Tehran, big cities, and many other places and even villages of the country. The main studies that can be done in the field of consumers are as follows:

  • Ethnography and Lifestyle: What lifestyle do your consumers have?
  • Examining Shopping and Consumption Habits: What are the shopping habits of different groups of consumers? What are the behaviors of different groups in consuming / using products / services?
  • Survey of Attitudes: What are the attitudes of different groups of consumers to different dimensions of products / services of brands?
  • Measuring Customer Satisfaction: At what level are the expectations and satisfaction of customers regarding different features of products or services?

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Product Research

Ethnic diversity in Iran and cultural and regional differences have led to significantly different product acceptance rates in different regions of Iran. This challenge always forces product managers or marketers to research and answer various questions about their products in line with their research services. The main studies that can be done in the field of products and services are as follows:

  • New Concept Testing: Does the new concept / product have a chance to enter the market successfully?
  • Packaging Test: Which packaging design do the consumers prefer?
  • Taste Testing / Product Testing: What are the consumer views on the various features of the new products / services?
  • Product Strengths and Weaknesses: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the product according to the consumers?

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Brand Studies

Nowadays, research on brand health is one of the most popular types of marketing research services in the world. In Rahbar Bazaar, brand health studies, compared to competitors brand health, is one of the most frequent studies. The research team, with its close collaboration with Kantar and valuable experience in conducting more than 40 studies over the past four years, provides a unique service in this regard, called BranZ.

The main studies that can be done in the field of brand are as follows:

  • Top of Mind: What is the position of each brand regarding the first brand that is remembered by the audience?
  • Brand Awareness: How well does the audience know about each of the brands?
  • Brand Health Status: What is the health status of brands from different angles and in comparison with each other?
  • Brand Personality: What is the personality of each brand in the eyes of its audience and the general public?
  • Change and Loyalty: What are the reasons for discontinuing the use of the brand? What is the level of loyalty?

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Price Study

Economic and statistical teams of Rahbar Bazaar for pricing analysis based on the type of product and the subject under study, use several models such as:

  • Conjoint Analysis
  • Van Westendorp model price sensitivity
  • Gabor-Granger model
  • And…

The main market studies based on classical methods in the field of price analysis are as follows:

  • Price Structure: Retail and wholesale price list, what is the profit margin of each group of distribution agents?
  • Price Elasticity: Based on the increase or decrease of prices, how much will the demand decrease or increase accordingly?
  • Pricing: According to the target group, what are the most optimal prices for the product or service?
  • Predicted Profit: At what price point does the highest profit from income occur?

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Our team can design the appropriate models using SPSS and SAWTOOTH software.

Distribution Channels

Distribution channels, as a bridge between producers and consumers, play a key role in sales and marketing. Accurate knowledge of the interactions between them can be very effective in developing markets. The dual traditional and modern market structure in Iran doubles the importance of studies in the field of distribution channels. With its extensive experience in various censuses, quantitatively structured, and highly descriptive and qualitative (in-depth) interviews with retailers, wholesalers, and other factors, Rahbar Bazaar’s  great capacity to offer very special services in this field is undeniable.

The main studies that can be done in the field of distribution channels are as follows:

  • Census: Listing and identifying points of sale in the country?
  • Retail Monitoring: What is the status of your market share, shelf share, presence and retail prices, and several other product / brand and even SKU indicators in the market?
  • Shelf Monitoring: How is the arrangement, share of the shelf, in-store advertising, etc. compared to the products of different brands?
  • Distribution Channel Structure: What is the distribution structure and flow of goods from production to the consumer? Capillary distribution, wholesale and….
  • Satisfaction and Perspective: What is the sellers’ level of satisfaction regarding cooperating with brands? What are the factors influencing their cooperation?

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Advertising Research

A large portion of an enterprise’s budget is spent on advertising. But has there been a study to measure their effectiveness before spending money? Does the advertised design convey the concepts of the marketing team correctly? And many other questions that are often of concern to business owners. Rahbar bazaar has specialized tools for marketing research services and numerous proprietary models for this type of study.

The main studies that can be done on different dimensions of advertising are as follows:

  • Ad / Concept Test: Are the designed concepts / ads optimized? How are they evaluated by the audience before the broadcast?
  • Advertising Effectiveness: How effective is the advertising campaign for the product / brand during and after the advertising campaign?
  • Monitoring In-store / Media Advertising: What about media and in-store advertising of different products / brands?

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Media Study

Due to the very high costs of some classical media, as well as the growing trend of digital media in the world and in Iran, the balance between the two groups in most marketing and advertising programs has drastically changed. In Rahbar Bazaar, various studies have been conducted independently and in collaboration with Kantar in this regard, the most important of which is Connected Life.

The main studies that can be done on the situation of different media are as follows:

  • Audience Evaluation: What groups are the audience of each medium?
  • Examining Media Behavior of the Audience: What is the media behavior of different groups of consumers and even the media behavior of the distribution agents? How much does the audience use each medium?
  • Media Overlap: What is the overlap of different media, especially classic media with digital, in different audience groups?
  • CPT / CPP: What is the per capita cost of different media in informing your audience?

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Desk Research

In the past, companies generally spent many hours in the library to access secondary data. These days, with the Internet, access to resources has become somewhat easier, but the multiplicity of resources and the uncertainty of their quality and accuracy have made it difficult to access reliable secondary information in any other way. A confidential approach to secondary information in Iranian organizations has also added to the problem of companies’ access to secondary information.

Rahbar Bazaar experts are familiar with the techniques of day-to-day research and are able to obtain the information they need from their customers in the right way and from proper physical and virtual resources with the necessary permissions.

The main sources used in library research or documentary studies are as follows:

  • Face-to-face Documentary Studies: What secondary information and data is available in libraries and various physical resources?
  • Digital Documentary Studies: What secondary information and data has been digitally published on websites, social networks, etc.?
  • News Monitoring: What are the different news and information published in various physical and digital media about the product / brand under review?

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