In a world surrounded by a wealth of structured and unstructured information and data, having a clear picture of market opportunities, threats, customer preferences and the competitive environment requires the correct and timely use of the following strategies:

  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Market Intelligence (MI)
  • Competitive Intelligence (CI)

Business intelligence provides in-depth insights into organizational data, including sales time series data, legacy documents, correspondence, and customer feedback on products, prices, discounts, distribution channels, and more, and integrating them with market data and the data about competitors (market intelligence and competitive intelligence) leads to the development of macro and efficient strategy in the organization.

In all the above solutions (business intelligence, market intelligence and competitive intelligence), Rahbar Bazaar provides solutions to develop appropriate and accurate strategies in three areas of descriptive analysis, diagnostic analysis and forecasting. Descriptive analysis tries to understand the relationship between in-house and market data and suggests the most appropriate responses to be applied by various organizations. In diagnostic analysis using graph-based analysis, the specific causes for different events are discovered, and in predictive analysis using algorithms, analysis of future trends is possible.

For example, a manufacturer of sanitary detergent products based on their internal sales data in the days and weeks and even previous months and its adaptation to the surrounding events as well as market and competitor analysis, can predict the behavior of its customers for the upcoming days, weeks and months and gain the maximum benefit from its production capacity and distribution system in proportion to the predicted potentials.

  • If you are a manufacturer or distributor of products that plans to make bold decisions based on the data at hand!
  • If you are a company providing services such as banks, insurance companies, companies active in the field of communications and the Internet and your servers are full of data that can definitely play an effective role in your future decisions!
  • If you are an advertising or marketing company and you need to know the behavior of the audience of your employer’s products and services in order to prepare advertising programs and promote your sales!

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