Specialized Questionnaire Maker

To achieve its goals in the field of market research services with significant investments, using international consultants and the ability of domestic professional programmers, Rahbar Bazaar succeeded in creating a specialized form of marketing research (called Atlas) with global level design and world-class applications, so that it is now used in almost all face-to-face projects with tablet, phone, and even online and offline. Atlas has many unique and technical capabilities. Some of the most important of which are: the ability to work without an Internet connection (offline) and the ability to program for complex bets and intelligent controls to prevent inadvertent errors when completing the form. Rahbar Bazaar Institute is ready to provide specialized business marketing research forms on a case-by-case basis without the need to outsource the entire project to this company.

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Survey Application

One of the main needs of economic enterprises is to have the possibility of conducting fast and low-cost research within the audience of the product or service. To meet this need, and in line with the world’s leading research companies, Rahbar Bazzar proposes the use of target group Panel Studies methods that are highly accurate and representative of the community. For this purpose, Rahbar Bazaar Company has designed and implemented a specialized multi-purpose application, named Poller, in order to be a leader in this field, like other services in the field of marketing research. Poller is a survey application on smart phones with Android and iOS operating systems. This application provides the opportunity to collect ideas from a wide range of people in a short time with minimal cost. This application is used for professional surveys in the field of marketing research and research services, in which members are selected based on various characteristics (demographics). This personal information helps the Poller team assign different polls to the right members of the same poll and prevent unnecessary polls.

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Online Focus Groups

Today, one of the most important problems in holding group discussion sessions is gathering the guests (target group) at the same time and same place. Another problem is the presence of the customer in the company and the up close observation of this meeting. Rahbar Bazaar offers a solution for holding group discussion sessions online through online research services. In this method, all of the respondents participate in this group discussion through this system  from the convenience of their homes. The customer can also watch and observe the audio and video of the meetings live on the Internet anywhere, without the other respondents noticing.

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Digital Survey Form Builder

The free form builders in the market are generally used for simple, academic surveys, and at the professional level of marketing research, the complexity of the questionnaire is generally such that only professional form builders can design a digital questionnaire that can be run on a tablet. Because complex capabilities often require the simultaneous expertise of marketing and programming research, Rahbar Bazaar digital questionnaire team can design such forms for their customers. To use this service, there is no need to outsource the activity of collecting and analyzing information to Rahbar Bazaar.

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