Marketing research  is a powerful tool for companies of all sizes. As a small business owner, you may not have much room for error. When your financial stability is on the line, every decision counts.

Marketing research is also good for evaluating both current product portfolio and new ideas. There is no guarantee that a new idea will be a commercial success. Therefore, it is invaluable that businesses make informed decisions using accurate and up-to-date market information.

Now it’s time to look at the 3 main benefits of marketing research. However, the benefits of research can be discussed much longer.

Meanwhile, there will be a very brief reference to marketing research in Iran.

  1. Minimizing risks

Through marketing research, you may find all the information you need to decide whether to take action on a particular subject. For example, you may design a costly marketing campaign but consumers will not understand your brand message well and your money will be wasted. While by marketing research methods, you can design a practical and appropriate campaign by gaining proper knowledge of consumers.

Rahbar Bazaar، a marketing research agency in Iran- helps to plan successful advertising campaigns by 2 powerful research solutions: AdeLink and AdEcta.

  1. Marketing business effectively

To be effective, you must tailor your marketing messages to fit your intended audience. Finding the right wording, imagery, and tone can mean the difference between success and failure. Marketing research can help you know who your audience is and what they care about.

It can also help you understand which advertising channels are most likely to catch their attention. To optimize your marketing efforts, take the time to investigate your target audience and strategize your messaging accordingly.

If you need marketing research in Iran, we help you to target right audience by its database of 1 million households.

  1. Testing out ideas

Imagine that you have a new product you want to introduce. You already know that your customers want it because they’ve asked for it directly via your service channels. But you only have a general idea of what they want. What about product specifications? This is where marketing research can help. It allows you to “pitch” various versions of prospective products well before producing them. You can find out which features align with customer needs, which options are extraneous, and what you may be missing. From inception to production, marketing research can help guide your product development process. Expanding this to a broader level, the same holds true for new lines of business, service offerings, locations, and marketing campaigns.

To facilitate such decisions, we conduct different product studies in central location which is its one of the most popular services.

Generally speaking, we help you in marketing research in Iran effectively by its knowledge of modern research methods.


How can you make better decisions for your business and avoid costly mistakes? Let us tell you that, it starts with market research. By analyzing obtained data from a market research study, you can move beyond “guess” and ground your decisions in the realities of the marketplace.

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