Online Weekly Survey

Omnibus research is a quantitative research methods in which data collection is done via telephone, face-to-face, or through online interviews. In Omnibus research, for each specific period (e.g. weekly, monthly, etc.), a survey is conducted in the framework of a questionnaire with several constant questions from the statistical sample representing the community in general and specific communities as well. In a weekly online poll or OmnIran, each question is like the seat of a bus that companies can book. Each survey is conducted in its due time (Just like an intercity bus that runs on a fixed achedule, with a certain capacity and different passengers).

OmnIran Features

It is now possible to use the infrastructure of this method for all businesses. In the weekly online polling method, the cost of a survey is divided between several businesses and each client only receives a report of their ordered questions. This would help keep the information confidential. OmnIran features include high accuracy, reasonable price, good statistical sample, and no time and space limit. It should be noted that OmnIran is implemented online by the Poller application every Wednesday of the week.

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