Online Polling Service

One of the main needs of economic enterprises is to have the possibility of fast and low-cost research about the consumers of their products or services. Together with the world’s leading marketing research companies, Rahbar bazaar has developed its own market research application called Poller and has provided businesses interested in conducting fast and low-cost surveys with the application.

Poller’s main goal is to help product manufacturers and service providers find quick answers to their  questions. Candidates for membership in Poller and those interested in polls will upgrade their membership after approval based on their demographic level.

Online Polling Features

In fact, Poller is a digital survey solution that can replace most face-to-face or telephone surveys that generally require more time and money to implement. With Poller, it is possible to conduct most of the shorter surveys in the field of market research using a self-sufficient system.

This application is used for professional surveys in the field of marketing research in which members are selected based on various features (demographics). This personal information helps the Poller team assign different surveys to the appropriate members of the same survey . if you need any consultation feel free to Contact us any time .

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